Release of CTM v0.3.0

CTM version 0.3.0 has new major feature and one fix:

FEATURE: The CTM has better support of access control list – ACLs checking. The CTM now supports the following ACL types:

  • access-list
  • ip access-list
  • ipv6 access-list
  • mac access-list

Main difference between common section files and ACL files is the way of checking. From CTM version 0.3.0 the template ACL and cisco ACL is compared with diff command which will ensure the right squence of every ACL line. The
older stable versions 0.2.x were comparing only if the template line is located in “global.template” not the right sequence of the line which is imporant in the ACL definition. (update of template files needed).

FIXED: temporary file in /tmp directory

NOTE: See UPGRADE when upgrading from 0.2.x to 0.3.0 release