Release of MOTDstat v0.0.3

New features and bugfix list:
  • FIXED: gaps/spaces in ntp status
  • FIXED: swapped yellow/red colors in "Disk Status" column header
  • FEATURE: e-mail notification on system reboot
  • FEATURE: custom executable commands for Load, Memory, NTP and SWAP tresholds
  • FEATURE: custom configurable partition usage (auto-create from /etc/fstab)
  • FEATURE: customizable sending messages to local syslog

Release of MOTDstat v0.0.2

This is only bug fix release:
  • FIXED: checking if /etc/motd file exists
  • FIXED: displaying correct SWAP usage value in instead of SWAP total value in kB
  • FIXED: a couple of typo fixes
  • FIXED: deleting temporary files .motdstat_mail_$ in temporary directory /tmp
  • FIXED: handling stderr message(s) when checking NTP status using ntpq command
  • FIXED: e-mail notification sending when NTP synchronization was lost
  • FIXED: installation Makefile overwrite already installed config files
  • changed "Swap:" instead of "SwapTotal:" in memory column
  • changed "Memory:" instead of "MemTotal:" in memory column
  • displaying real Memory usage instead of Total Memory
  • updated README documentation file

Initial release of MOTDstat

Message Of The Day - System Status will dynamicaly generate the /etc/motd file with current information about system status and usage. Using crontab the script will periodically display status of system resources and services. The original message of the day will be stored in the /etc/motd.orig file. For more informations follow here

Release of CTM v0.3.3

FIXED: after parsing, some misconfiguration (standard ACL) remained in the configuration file globalcfg
FEATURE: parser support for "service instance"
FEATURE: introducing new template tool:

New tool will print template consistency report for all devices and roles. The script will do a check of the following issues:

  • check if the "device" directory is not empty
  • check if the "device" directory has at least one "role" directory
  • check if the global.model file exists
  • check if the global.template file exists
  • look for empty lines in files global(.model|.template|.exclude)
  • template files must contain "$" and/or "^" character
  • check if "sections" directory exists
  • check if "services" directory exists and is not empty
  • check if template triples are defined (.template, .model and .def)
  • check if .def file contains SERVICE_ID in FORMAT and EXAMPLE variables
  • check if .def file contains "FORMAT" variable
  • check if .def file contains "EXAMPLE" variable
  • check for duplicated content between all templates. Use symbolic links to prevent duplicates.

Release of CTM v0.3.2

FIXED: checking ACL defined as symblic link
FIXED: ACL counter in report
FIXED: removing '_' character from end of section filename
FEATURE: new output report mode: "COPY_AND_PASTE_MODE", please see UPGRADE file for details
FEATURE: added support for "object-group" section
FEATURE: skipping empty lines in templates
NOTE: Please see UPGRADE file when upgrading from previous version

Release of CTM v0.3.1

FIXED: section reporting bug (missing section(s) in config were not reported)
FIXED: fixed parsing errors for "mac access-list" and global section on 760X series
NOTE: rewritten faster parser up to 50%
NOTE: section template filenames are now case insensitive
NOTE: disabled section wildcard .* at the beginning of the file

NOTE: See UPGRADE when upgrading from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1 release

(no new features were added)

Release of CTM v0.3.0

CTM version 0.3.0 has new major feature and one fix:

FEATURE: The CTM has better support of access control list - ACLs checking. The CTM now supports the following ACL types:

  • access-list
  • ip access-list
  • ipv6 access-list
  • mac access-list

Main difference between common section files and ACL files is the way of checking. From CTM version 0.3.0 the template ACL and cisco ACL is compared with diff command which will ensure the right squence of every ACL line. The
older stable versions 0.2.x were comparing only if the template line is located in "global.template" not the right sequence of the line which is imporant in the ACL definition. (update of template files needed).

FIXED: temporary file in /tmp directory

NOTE: See UPGRADE when upgrading from 0.2.x to 0.3.0 release

Broken links on webpage

After an upgrade of the CTM web page backend all links were broken. Sorry for the problems, now it is fixed.

Release of CTM v0.2.2

CTM version 0.2.2 has new features and fixes some small bugs:

  • FIXED: description checking. Now the pre-defined description format in the ".def" file is automaticaly checked with starting ^ and $ at the end.
  • FIXED: number of interface(s) counter
  • FEATURE: typo in description is now counted as an error on the interface
  • FEATURE: added support for parsing new sections:
    • ipv6 router
    • class-map
    • policy-map

  • FEATURE: you can select which interface will CTM check for SERVICE_ID tag. List of new directives in configuration file:
    • CHECK_IFACE_ETHERNET      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_SERIAL      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_VLAN      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_PORT_CHANNEL  (default enabled)
  • NOTE: See UPGRADE for upgrading from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2 release

Release of CTM v0.2.1

This release has better performance up to 25%, small fixes in documentation, reporting and debug mode. No new features has been added.  See CHANGELOG for mode details.