Installation requirements

  • Unix/Linux compatible operating system with basic commands


Message Of The Day – System Status will dynamicaly generate the /etc/motd file with the current information about system resources and usage. Using crontab the script will periodically in 5 minutes interval generate the status of the system resources and running processes and network services. The original message of the day will be stored in the /etc/motd.orig file.

Configuring e-mail address you’ll receive the notifications about following issues with configurable warning and critical limits:

CPU load
exceeding disk space on partitions and SWAP usage
specific process is not running
specific local network service is not running
NTP is not synchronized with network peer(s)
too many e-mails in mail queue
system reboot


When you want to have displayed MOTD when logging via SSH client you have to change setting on the sshd server.

Update SSH server configuration file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set the PrintMotd parameter to ‘yes‘ and restart the sshd service:
PrintMotd yes


The system status report is organized into three columns:

  • 1st column contains information about partition(s) free space and usage in percentage.
  • 2nd column will display information about used memory and swap space
  • 3rd column will monitor running processes and local network services



Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or bug report(s) at e-mail address: