Release of MOTDstat v0.0.2

This is only bug fix release:
  • FIXED: checking if /etc/motd file exists
  • FIXED: displaying correct SWAP usage value in instead of SWAP total value in kB
  • FIXED: a couple of typo fixes
  • FIXED: deleting temporary files .motdstat_mail_$ in temporary directory /tmp
  • FIXED: handling stderr message(s) when checking NTP status using ntpq command
  • FIXED: e-mail notification sending when NTP synchronization was lost
  • FIXED: installation Makefile overwrite already installed config files
  • changed “Swap:” instead of “SwapTotal:” in memory column
  • changed “Memory:” instead of “MemTotal:” in memory column
  • displaying real Memory usage instead of Total Memory
  • updated README documentation file