Release of CTM v0.3.3

FIXED: after parsing, some misconfiguration (standard ACL) remained in the configuration file globalcfg
FEATURE: parser support for “service instance”
FEATURE: introducing new template tool:

New tool will print template consistency report for all devices and roles. The script will do a check of the following issues:

  • check if the “device” directory is not empty
  • check if the “device” directory has at least one “role” directory
  • check if the global.model file exists
  • check if the global.template file exists
  • look for empty lines in files global(.model|.template|.exclude)
  • template files must contain “$” and/or “^” character
  • check if “sections” directory exists
  • check if “services” directory exists and is not empty
  • check if template triples are defined (.template, .model and .def)
  • check if .def file contains SERVICE_ID in FORMAT and EXAMPLE variables
  • check if .def file contains “FORMAT” variable
  • check if .def file contains “EXAMPLE” variable
  • check for duplicated content between all templates. Use symbolic links to prevent duplicates.