Release of CTM v0.2.2

CTM version 0.2.2 has new features and fixes some small bugs:

  • FIXED: description checking. Now the pre-defined description format in the “.def” file is automaticaly checked with starting ^ and $ at the end.
  • FIXED: number of interface(s) counter
  • FEATURE: typo in description is now counted as an error on the interface
  • FEATURE: added support for parsing new sections:
    • ipv6 router
    • class-map
    • policy-map

  • FEATURE: you can select which interface will CTM check for SERVICE_ID tag. List of new directives in configuration file:
    • CHECK_IFACE_ETHERNET      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_SERIAL      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_VLAN      (default enabled)
    • CHECK_IFACE_PORT_CHANNEL  (default enabled)
  • NOTE: See UPGRADE for upgrading from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2 release