Stable release of CTM v0.2.0

Cisco Template Manager is now released as stable version 0.2.0 with the following changes:

  • added a new option to configuration file AVAILABLE_TEMPLATES=1
  • added an option "parseonly" to
  • small typo fixes in scripts

New configuration option 'AVAILABLE_TEMPLATES' file will print list of all available templates and roles when executing all CTM script. Now you have a nice overview over your templates and roles.

New optional parameter  "parseonly" will help you with defining new templates from existing Cisco configuration file. Cisco's config is parsed to separated files and stored in your home directory. This will help you when creating new global, section or service_id templates.

Request for new features

Hi admins,

if you have any suggestions or requests for new features in CTM, please send me an e-mail to or leave a reply to this post. I'll appriciate your opinion about this project.


Initial release of CTM

This is the initial release of the Cisco Template Manager. CTM is a set of tools which will help you to keep your Cisco configurations consistent and in accordance to pre-defined templates in your entire network. With self-defined templates you will have a unified network wide configuration, which is the basic building block of operational stability and security. Currently supports the C760x, C730x, C37xx, C35xx, C29xx, C28xx, C18xx  and C17xx family series.